Innovation Ireland

Allergan, Baxter and Boston Scientific. just three of the world’s leading companies who are located in Ireland West. There are many reasons why such prestigious companies locate here:

Secure environment

Ireland West is one of the most secure locations in the world. The region is noted for its culture and an abundance of natural resources. It is home to Ashford Castle Resort and Conference Centre, voted the world’s best hotel in 2015, which is located in Cong in the Claremorris Municipal District on the shores of Lough Corrib and just 30 miles from Galway City Centre. You don’t get extremes of weather, no earthquakes or hurricances, although rhomour has it that there is the occasional rainy day.

Great Work Life Balance

Ireland West has that laid back feel for a stress free lifestyle. On the Wild Atlantic Way it straddles the Atlantic Ocean with top class sport and recreational amenities. In addition to which many towns enjoy internet capacity more normally associated with the big city, where team members can teleconference with locations as diverse as New York and NanjingMinneapolisManchester or Milan, and upload large data in real time. 

Educated Workforce

Ireland has a english speaking and educated workforce. Employees are used to working in international companies and have strong family connections with the Irish diaspora overseas. Close to 40 million people in the United States alone are of Irish ancestry, many times the population of Ireland today. Irish people are used to travel and upskilling both on the job and gaining accredited university qualifications.


Ireland West has capacity to grow. Ireland West International Airport is built to handle not just private jets, but the largest of commercial aircraft. Ireland West is not congested and its towns have retained strong community facilities capable of providing for far larger populations without the cost pressures of Dublin. The region has a clean air environment with an abundance of land and water, a road. rail and fibre network with capacity to expand to meet the largest companies needs.

The usual reasons

Low Corporate Taxes, Motivated Workforce and access to the EU area with an english speaking workforce within the Euro area.

Less wellknown reasons

Ireland West has retained its strong sense of community and embraced its centuries of history to create a truly unique destination. Within a 20 minute commute of Claremorris, 30 different languages are spoken and yet the native Irish language and culture continues to grow in popularity.

Innovation House in Claremorris Town Centre offers low cost well connected office space in the Heart of the West of Ireland which is easily accessible for workers travelling from all parts of the region, It is a short walk to Claremorris Railway Station with direct Dublin services and just 20 minutes from Ireland West Airport Knock.

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